Big Blue skies? IBM expands Adobe partnership with an eye on the weather

IBM has significantly expanded its partnership with Adobe around the use of AI-powered weather data from The Weather Company, an IBM business, on the Adobe Experience Platform. Adobe plans to use Weather Channel data as part of its Digital Economy Index, to explore how weather patterns affect online spending and other trends in e-commerce.

The expansion is expected to be available to customers later this year.

The new solution is designed to enable customers of Adobe Experience Platform, the foundation of Adobe Experience Cloud applications, to derive new AI-driven insights on how the weather could affect consumer purchasing habits across different categories such as retail, healthcare, travel and hospitality. With this technology, brands will be able to determine customer behaviors and how these behaviors shift in response to changes in the weather.

Sheri Backstein, chief executive officer at The Weather Company, and general manager of IBM Watson Advertising, said:  “Weather data is a proven predictor of consumer behavior, and by further expanding our relationship with Adobe, IBM is providing Adobe Experience Platform customers more insights to help them create individualized experiences for every consumer.”

“IBM and Adobe have enjoyed a strong, strategic partnership for more than 20 years and this latest announcement only reinforces the vision both businesses share for improving the customer experience.”

Chris Luna, senior global manager at 3M, an IBM and Adobe customer, said: “The powerful combination of AI-driven weather data and insights, from IBM, with Adobe’s open system for building and managing solutions that drive the customer experience, the Adobe Experience Platform, have the potential to help provide brands with a broad approach to their marketing strategies.”

In addition, IBM iX, the customer and experience transformation group of IBM Consulting, will expand its Adobe services and add to the Adobe Experience Platform user experience.