Bozeman Health boosts technology adoption with employee training

Nurse in dark blue scrubs, holding a pink stethoscope in a heart shape | Bozeman Health Infor Cloud

Bozeman Health is made up of more than 2,500 employees who provide care and support throughout the health system; this includes two hospitals, several specialty treatment centers and a network of physician and urgent care clinics.

After implementing Infor’s cloud-based healthcare software to achieve digital transformation, Bozeman Health sought to ensure its employees were able to stay on top of its new technology.

Bozeman Health went live with Infor CloudSuite Healthcare in 2019, implementing supply chain, financials and analytics solutions. With an organizational transformation rooted in technology, the business’ journey continued in 2022 with the adoption of an AI-driven digital assistant, Infor Coleman DA.

With the new ability to locate supplies in seconds instead of minutes, employees now had access to a tool that proves to be critical in emergencies. The tricky part? They just needed to be trained on it.

Infor Education provided tailored training to help Bozeman Health employees learn how to use the system quickly to increase productivity. Properly trained users feel more confident, which reduces the risk of mistakes and can make them happier in their jobs.

Michael Pollard, Bozeman Health supervisor of logistics and distribution, said: “When I initially took over the business analyst role a few years back, I was thrown into it. Infor training not only gave me the confidence but also the technical skills to accomplish the functions of that job.

“You might have intuitions about what you’re doing. You might even read a training manual. But being able to actually go through formal education on that topic with a real-life expert just gives you that next level of confidence.”

Nurses now able to find a needle in a haystack

Another pain point involved storage and searching. Healthcare storage rooms can be daunting places, housing everything from medications and surgical kits to diagnostic tools, linens, protective equipment and personal care items. Infor’s AI-driven digital assistant can be set up to instantly locate products, but employees needed to be comfortable and knowledgeable in using the technology.

Michael Mallett, Bozeman Health system manager, Supply Chain, said: “We had a nurse who would have difficulty finding exactly the right product that she was looking for.

“Prior to her training, she was contacting materials management on a regular basis saying, ‘Hey, I’m looking for this particular product.’ After the Infor training, she’s able to go into that database now and she’s comfortable searching.”

With industry-wide healthcare staffing shortages and challenges, equipping and empowering employees with innovative technology can help with attracting and retaining talent.

Ryan Williams, Bozeman Health’s system manager for materials management information systems, said: “We continue to educate our staff as they move into new positions. Infor is allowing us to do that.

“By training our employees, we can stay on top of technology and really be at the forefront of the Infor suite. We’re really working with the Infor platform technology team and implementing as much as we can to improve the hospital.”