Scandi Standard enhances core business processes with Infor

image of chickens drinking | Scandi Standard and Infor

Scandi Standard has selected Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage to consolidate and standardize its core processes such as purchasing, processing, logistics and finance. The suite will be delivered as a multi-tenant cloud solution powered by AWS.

Based in the Nordics and Ireland, Scandi Standard is a leading producer of chilled, frozen, and ready-made chicken products. With operations in five countries and sales in over 40 subsidiaries, the company’s existing business systems lacked the industry adaptation needed to ensure that the ERP solution could support all core processes simultaneously and contribute to further increasing the ability and pace of change within the business.

With Infor, Scandi Standard can benefit from a standardized platform allowing the company to introduce new technologies into the group and future-proof its development. Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage allows for a multi-tenant cloud deployment ensuring Scandi Standard can benefit from continuous updates with minimal administrative burden on its employees.

“Our value chain is quite similar in all markets where we operate, which means that we see an opportunity to standardize our processes as far as possible in the industry-adapted solution that Infor has,” said Göran Matz, Scandi Standard’s group CIO. “The move to a new business system is, to a large extent, a process of change. With an industry-specific business system in the cloud, the introduction is facilitated while at the same time we get support with updates and best practices for the food industry.”

“For our core processes such as purchasing, logistics and finance, there is really no reason for us to do anything differently than other companies in our industry do, but rather it is something we see can be harmonized advantageously within the group where possible,” Matz continued. “With Infor, we now get the uniformity we were looking for with a supplier of an ecosystem and a future-proof product.”