Capgemini collaborates with University of Oxford on AI research project

Capgemini is collaborating with the University of Oxford on a research project focused on the safety and human factors of interactions with AI autonomous systems.

Capgemini works in collaboration with the university ecosystem around cutting-edge technologies, creating thought leadership, assets, and the services of tomorrow. The joint efforts are designed to answer the crucial question: “How can technology help solve the key challenges of a more intelligent industry in society?”

David Jackson, chief technology officer for product and systems engineering at Capgemini Engineering, will work on the new project with a team of researchers supervised by Marina Jirotka, professor of human centred computing and lead for responsible research and innovation in the department of computer science at the University of Oxford.

Professor Marina Jirotka said: “The impacts of novel technologies on societies and individuals can sometimes get lost in the excitement of new tools and innovations. We believe this project with Capgemini gives us a great opportunity to really examine how we can keep human needs and interests at the forefront of research and development.”

William Rozé, CEO of Capgemini Engineering and group executive board member, said: “The wide adoption of innovations such as autonomous vehicles and aircraft needs people to trust them, so we are proud to tackle this challenge with the University of Oxford. This new initiative will further strengthen our strategic research programme on intelligent industry.”