Capgemini results boast good news, generative AI “patisserie”

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Capgemini results for the first half (H1) of 2023 saw revenues of €11.426m, up 6.9 percent from the same period last year. The French IT giant has also announced a “patisserie” of new GenAI wares for customers to consume, to the tune of a €2bn investment.

Organic growth in the Capgemini results for H1 2023 was 7.3 percent. The United Kingdom and Ireland region (12 percent of Capgemini Group revenues in H1 23) reported growth of 12 percent at constant exchange rates. The Rest of Europe region (30 percent of Group revenues) grew by 11.4 percent at the same rates. France (20 percent of Group revenues) reported revenue growth of 9.2 percent; North America (29 percent of Group revenues) reported a moderate growth of 3 percent at constant exchange rates. Finally, revenues in Asia-Pacific and Latin America region (9 percent of Group revenues) increased by 4.8 percent.

Capgemini growth in the second quarter was lower than in Q1 2023, reaching 5.2 percent at constant exchange rates and 4.7 percent on an organic basis. Group revenues totaled €5.69mn, up 5.2 percent at constant exchange rates and down 0.55 percent from Q1 23.

Capgemini results come with AI “patisserie”

Capgemini has also announced today a generative AI portfolio of services, spanning from strategy definition through to practical development and implementation of GenAI at scale.

The launch, which came illustrated by 3D-printed, GenAI-infused art pieces in the shape of patisserie, represents an investment of €2bn by Capgemini into artificial intelligence. The offerings include:

  • “Generative AI strategy”, enabling CxOs to define and prioritize the most relevant generative AI use cases for their business.
  • “Generative AI for Customer Experience”, enhancing customer experience with 4 dedicated generative AI assistants. It allows hyper-personalized customer experience with a synthetic design assistant, improved customer self-service with personalized chatbots, augments customer care services with a content and knowledge assistant and helps sales teams performance with a product & offers knowledge assistant.
  • “Generative AI for Software Engineering”, helping improve efficiency and quality across the whole software life cycle.
  • “Custom generative AI for Enterprise”, enabling enterprises who have sensitive data to have custom generative AI assistants fine-tuned with their key proprietary data.

The Group is currently working with Heathrow Airport by implementing eCommerce and other passenger service solutions through its Generative AI for Customer Experience offer.

“We are excited to partner with Capgemini to enhance the experience of our passengers who travel through our airport. Together with Capgemini’s GenAI partners, we are building solutions that will assist, empower and delight those passengers with faster, more comprehensive and sensitive customer service,” said Pete Burns, director marketing and digital, Heathrow Airport Limited.

Aiman Ezzat, chief executive officer of the Capgemini Group, commented: “Thanks to a strong strategic positioning, we continue to gain market share as we accompany our clients in their transition towards a digital and sustainable economy. I am convinced that generative AI will play a major role in this transition.

“We are developing a portfolio of industry-specific offers and signing strategic partnerships, notably with Google Cloud and Microsoft, while training most of our workforce through our Data & AI Campus to fully leverage the power of generative AI in our operations. We have many client projects underway, a strong pipeline, and plan to double Data & AI teams to 60,000 in the next three years.”