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The CIO is becoming the innovation orchestrator at digital first enterprises
We have all heard it – the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. Great; but the need for speed required a change in approaches to technology deployment. Prior to the pandemic our research showed a strong correlation between advanced digital maturity...
Why partnering is a main strategy area for SAP
As underlined by Sapphire 2022, SAP has a vision to reinvent how the world runs as a network of intelligent, sustainable enterprises, growing towards a network of businesses in a sustainable world. Fuelling this is an overarching purpose to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. But even as a key player, SAP cannot meet all customer requirements by itself, and as such, partnerships are vital to be able to offer customers maximum added value and realise this grand aim.
Young professionals are keeping office space alive
Despite all the hype about remote work, Big Tech is still clearly invested in big bricks – and so are its younger workers.
The metaverse is a shiny new hammer, but what are the nails in enterprise tech?
Deloitte, ServiceNow, Zoom and more reveal exactly what they’re thinking about a business metaverse.    
Field service management solutions prepare for digital transformation
FSM solutions have been an important element in large enterprises’ operations. A raft of new technologies offers them the ability to streamline and improve service delivery. 
Open Source ERP is no free lunch
The community contribution model of open source centralises around the practice of ‘code commits’ that sees users, teams and organisations actively working to share advancements for the collective benefit of others. 
Moving on: When it’s time to adopt a dedicated ERP system
The time will come when basic accounting software will no longer fulfil your growing business’ requirements. There often comes a point within a relationship when one party realises it’s time to move on.
How can technology provide the tools to meet the future demands of sustainable supply chains?
What is Big Tech doing to ensure its customers are equipped with the tools and technologies to ensure that supply chains are optimised and sustainable?
SAP Suite sweet spots: how well do you know your SAP Suite?
A tour around the sometimes lesser-known elements of the SAP software suite is guaranteed to provide additional insight into how the company has built a whole which has always intended to be greater than the sum of its parts.
Supply chain skills: a battle for talent or a race to automation?
It wasn’t so long ago that terms such as ‘supply chain’ and ‘product shortages’ were never really mentioned in daily news bulletins. Since the pandemic though, it’s almost become a daily occurrence, the latest problem being disruption to food supplies...