Lemongrass mixes strategic multi-cloud combo cocktail

Sometime after the PC revolution, the summer of love and the eventual arrival of the so-called information superhighway, enterprise organisations in every vertical realised that they needed a technology strategy.

These days known by the now hackneyed term digital transformation, the need for a tech strategy was initially born out of the use of spreadsheets, word processors and then laterly by the arrival (and ultimately the ubiquity) of mobile devices. 

Fast forward through the post-millennial years and no IT strategy worth its salt can take shape and form without also encompassing a cloud strategy. The rise of cloud (and now cloud-native) technologies has driven firms to look at a variety of cloud instance deployments to suit the multiplicity of the workloads they need to energise throughout their operational bases.

Software-enabled SAP cloud services provider Lemongrass insists that it has long realised the diversity inherent to modern enterprise IT deployments. As a result, the company has been augmenting, expanding, finessing and extending its serving offerings to suit the multi-cloud world. 

Take your cloud partner by the hand

Lemongrass has now launched its multi-cloud strategy through signed partnerships with Microsoft Cloud and Google Cloud Platform. 

The company will now offer its highly automated SAP cloud migration and managed services to companies using one or more of the top hyperscale cloud platforms.

Since 2010, Lemongrass has been helping organisations run SAP on Amazon Web Services with nearly 6,000 SAP servers under management and more than 300,000 SAP users. 

Knowing that enterprise customers want the freedom to choose the cloud environment that is best for them, and that multi-cloud is the future for most large enterprises, Lemongrass chose to expand its portfolio to include other hyperscale platforms.

“We remain committed to AWS – Lemongrass is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS-accredited Managed Service Provider – but now we’ll support customers who want to run on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform too,” said Mike Rosenbloom, CEO of Lemongrass. 

Rosenbloom insists that customer service mentality is baked into the DNA of its business.

Cloud of choice, I want that one

The company has positioned itself as the preferred provider for running SAP and its dependent applications in its customers’ cloud of choice. Its core focus will remain on SAP but also includes a broader range of non-SAP business systems – particularly those that typically get included as part of an SAP cloud transformation initiative.

Lemongrass’s customers in the Americas, EMEA and APAC span the life sciences, pharmaceutical, public sector, banking and insurance, utilities, oil and gas, telecommunications, retail, logistics service providers, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries. 

In 2020, the organisation grew approximately 30% – the highest revenue year in its history – and is on track to do so again in 2021.