Cohesity C-suite: We’re ‘radically simplifying’ secure data management

Data security and information management company Cohesity is aiming to fuel its next stage of company, platform, ecosystem and leadership growth with specific developments in both back office (infrastructure enhancement and augmentation) and front of office developments.

Among the more surface-level developments happening are the new roles designated to Eric Brown as chief financial officer and Srinivasan Murari as chief development officer.

Both will now work to help manage and extend Cohesity’s strategy as it expands its multi-cloud portfolio for data protection, AI-powered data security and data management.

Brown brings industry experience in a range of enterprise technology markets, including security, data analytics, data management, collaboration and interactive entertainment. Murari will be responsible for Cohesity’s engineering and R&D teams as they continue to innovate across AI, security and multi-cloud. 

20,000 software engineers

He most recently served as vice president of engineering at Google Cloud, where he was responsible for the productivity of approximately 20,000 software engineers encompassing compute, storage, networking, security, databases, analytics, AI/ML, Kubernetes, serverless, cloud console, platforms and fleet management.

Before Google, Murari served as SVP of engineering at VMware, leading teams across the company’s Storage and Availability, vSphere, and ESX portfolios and brings experience in compute and storage across multi-cloud environments.

“The scale and growth Cohesity has achieved is a testament to the tremendous value its AI-powered data management and security innovations bring to organizations. My role is to ensure the company has the best financial framework for sustainable, profitable growth and leverage my experience to make Cohesity public company-ready,” said Brown. 

“Cohesity is a customer-focused company driven by innovation, talented employees, strong leadership and deep cultural values,” said Murari. “I am excited to work with Cohesity’s talented leadership team to continue to deliver industry-leading solutions that can help organizations radically simplify data management, improve their security postures in the face of sophisticated cyberattacks, provide AI-powered insights and do more with data — their most valuable digital asset.” 

Generative AI generation

Summing up the state of his organization’s evolving progression, CEO and president of Cohesity Sanjay Poonen suggests that the firm’s growth has been validated by the most influential industry analysts. Key areas for growth include developments that see Coheisty significantly expanding its data security and Generative AI technologies, while also advancing the number and depth of its strategic partnerships.

Cohesity insists that it has an ‘enviable’ position in a market with sustainable, high growth potential, as security, cloud and AI have become mission-critical imperatives in nearly every board room and organization. 

According to IDC’s Semiannual Software Tracker, Data Replication and Protection Software, Cohesity had the fastest worldwide year-over-year revenue growth among the Data Replication and Protection Software market’s top 25 largest competitors in calendar 2022.