Dropbox announces new features and builds on partnership with Microsoft

Image of Dropbox app on iphone / Dropbox announces new features and builds on partnership with Microsoft

Dropbox has announced new security, organization and sharing features to give teams more control, flexibility and speed to get work done from anywhere.

With teams often spread across different locations and time zones, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, Dropbox’s new features aim to make teamwork connected in all circumstances.

Its latest advanced data protection features add extra layers of security to confidential content with end-to-end encryption and advanced key management. Therefore, data will be safeguarded so that only the sender and recipient can access content, meaning that no one (including Dropbox) will be able to view the files.

Also, the advanced key management means that customers can set up a unique encryption key managed by FIPS 140-2 Level 3 key management services, providing better protection of all team Dropbox files.

Other additional features include an improved admin experience and trust center, which will simplify risk assessments of Dropbox products in one place, making it easy to complete internal reviews and access information about security, reliability, privacy and compliance.

Dropbox has also recently integrated with Microsoft Teams, to allow customers to search, preview, upload and share content stored in Dropbox without leaving Microsoft 365. With this update, customers can also use Dropbox’s plugin extension for Copilot for Microsoft 365 to answer questions and generate summaries.

The company has just built upon this integration with real-time co-authoring, allowing multiple team members to collaboratively edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from desktop, web and mobile, natively within Dropbox. Users can also see who’s in the document and where they’re editing in real time, so everyone is working off the latest version.

Harshal Patil, senior product manager at Microsoft, said: “It is important that mutual customers collaborate in the most seamless way possible.

“The Cloud Storage Partner Program offers partners like Dropbox the ability to integrate with our solutions. With this integration, users now have a more seamless way to collaborate on documents stored in Microsoft 365 or Dropbox, thereby addressing evolving customer needs.”

Drew Houston, Dropbox co-founder and CEO, also commented: “Our latest product updates aim to empower teams to cut through the clutter so they can do more focused, meaningful work.

“[…]And with the latest advancements in AI and ML, we have the potential to automate routine tasks, increase productivity and free up mental space so people can get back to doing the work that matters most. I’m excited about what we’re building for an AI-first future and we’re just getting started.”