Easing the road to Oracle Fusion Cloud with simplified contract management

More4apps simplified contract management for Oracle Fusion Cloud slide

When planning a migration to Oracle Fusion Cloud, companies often face the reality of not having the tools to assist in managing specific business functions, such as contracts, during the process.

This issue was faced by a More4apps customer, a Canadian engineering, logistics and energy holding company. The organization also oversees subsidiaries including electric utilities, construction companies and natural gas production and distribution companies. Having responsibilities over so many projects means managing a very large amount of data which is not an easy task that can be performed manually.

Soon after deciding to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud, the company realized that inputting and updating contracts one at a time would hinder critical aspects of its government projects. It would hurt its ability to track funding, billing and cash flow. A manual process would not only slow it down but increase the chance of mistakes in the data.

The defense contractor needed a quick, error-free way to upload and edit contract data in Oracle Fusion Cloud. Soon after, the company was introduced to More4apps by its implementation consultant. More4apps’ Contracts Integrator within its ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module seemed to provide the right solution.

The Contract Integrator lets users consolidate contract details in a single Excel spreadsheet. They can create, update and submit contracts. Using Excel functionality, team members can manage headers, DFFs, billing controls, approval submissions, parties, party contracts and more. After inputting contract data, they can validate the field values before securely uploading everything to Oracle.

By February 2024, just two months later, the company had implemented the More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Projects Module. Today, it uses More4apps for over 350 individual projects and 170 project groups around the US with a simplified experience for not just internal operations, but also users who can now own their data and ensure data integrity.

Download the case study to learn more about how More4apps’ Contracts Integrator helped simplify its customer’s contract management system.