How to streamline project portfolio management when moving to Oracle Fusion Cloud

More4Apps case study slide - reimagining project and portfolio management with a move to Fusion Cloud applications

Many companies are considering migration to cloud as one of their priorities today. This is primarily guided by the wish to accelerate and streamline operations in organizations’ ERP systems, as well as power the business across industries and countries.

More4apps’ customer, a leading global software, consulting and technology company, has also desired to improve its processes and workflows, especially those for project and portfolio management, by migrating from Oracle on-premise to cloud.

Providing professional services and technology solutions in over 140 countries with a workforce of 30,000 employees, the company knew it required the functionality and solutions that could match its wide-reaching operations’ needs. Among these changes was the addition of the Oracle Project Management solution within the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP.

This was because the business previously operated without Oracle Projects and most of its project accounting was done using Oracle’s General Ledger, alongside several offline spreadsheets and project management and financial systems. Having disjointed systems complicated reporting and decreased efficiency. It allowed the creation of multiple conflicting spreadsheets, errors and outdated or inaccurate data. At that point, the company knew it needed a trustworthy, shared source of truth that was easy to access and maintain.

Thus, after over 20 years of using Oracle on-prem and two years of implementation, the organization embarked on the digital transformation journey and migrated to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications by utilizing the combined power of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and More4apps. The company’s project management and financial systems have been successfully and completely integrated, leading to better reporting and improved insights across the organization.

By simplifying processes with tools like More4apps, users can move away from dispersed spreadsheets and disjointed systems. They can have processes and systems in place to maximize efficiency and optimize the organization’s project management, reporting and financial processes – paving the way for ongoing future success.

Download the case study to find out what steps More4apps’ client took to achieve successful Oracle Fusion Cloud migration.