eBook – Making your workload setup a breeze with modernized management apps

Image of two businessmen sitting by the table with two laptops and pieces of paper between them. One of the men is making notes on the papers.

Many organizations may find that navigating their business operations can be a complicated experience – with a multiplicity of spreadsheets and shared mailboxes creating confusion and standing in the way of productivity and efficiency. It can feel like you’re on an information treasure hunt.

Enter Unifii, a UK and Ireland partner for the ServiceNow platform, that has released a Workload Management App aimed at creating a digital roadmap of workload management that can be tailored for each business. There are many reasons why modernizing and adapting organizations’ workload structures towards apps like Unifii’s is necessary:

First, slow processes are inevitable when businesses manually operate email requests. Installing a unified system with the help of a Workload Management App can allow end-users to submit their requests through a tailored, well-defined form – offering a practical solution in this case.

Similarly, shared mailboxes and dispersed spreadsheets complicate the process of staying transparent with end-users, as well as affect the efficiency of internal communication. Using a digital app can instead optimize and automate updates, lifting the burden of manually sending updates via email. To keep overall records of activities in order, digital applications can also provide customizable dashboards, which are useful when organizations want to have all necessary information structured in one place.

Finally, every business requires a system that ensures it can follow consistent governance and procedure to support service quality. Where there is inconsistency, met with dispersed mailboxes and spreadsheets, what often remains is the inefficiency of that task. That’s where deploying an application specifically designed for extra levels of security and organization can help with that goal.

With the urgency of speed-to-market goals and modern productivity level requirements, businesses cannot afford to be held back by legacy systems like spreadsheets and mailboxes. By adopting a digitized automated system that can provide flexible scalability for the needs of any business unit, organizations may find that they can finally remove the obstacles between their work-around current legacy setups and achieving that much sought-after effective, productive workflow management.

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