Enhancing your ServiceNow capabilities with Service Operations

A computer screen showing a mass of muti-coloured coding | Service Operations Unifii

ServiceNow’s cloud-based automation software is a powerful service to have as a partner when prepping your business for a digital transformation. The IT services and operations management platform doesn’t need to run on its own; there are tools available that can improve your ServiceNow experience in ways you wouldn’t have considered.

Simplifying the service delivery of a powerful tech platform is where the benefits of support software shine. ServiceNow automates processes, increases overall efficiencies and helps bring together siloed teams and updates legacy systems. Now consider support software that can further push those capabilities.

Service Operations removes the red tape between disparate services across your business. The integration in communication between ServiceNow’s ITSM and ITOM results in quicker resolutions and improved chances for implementing automation. Unifii’s innate knowledge of ServiceNow’s framework allowed them to efficiently operate in the Service Operations Workspace, a workspace that can help identify useful insights for users, while also unifying ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) workflows.

By working through a single workspace, it’s easier to keep a weather eye on all your business operations. Issues between different service operations can be addressed quicker with collaboration times reduced significantly.

One of the best ways to differentiate digital strategy among the crowd is to research its analysis capabilities. Will the tech you’re implementing merely migrate from old to new, or will it also provide a breakdown of the data and what improvements can be made between services? Service Operations Workspace being a single, integrated workspace means it can provide the necessary insight to spot potential incidents before they happen, and Unifii could be the partner you need to fully utilize this technology to its full potential.

Creating a seamless flow between your business operations is what you need to be looking for when considering which technology to use to accompany your digital transformation and, with the correct research, your decision could revolutionize how your processes work.