EPI-USE and SAP Unveil Africa’s First AppHaus to Drive Innovation

EPI-USE : Africa globe, in blue.

SAP Africa and EPI-USE today announced the launch of Africa’s first AppHaus, to drive innovation capabilities on the continent.

The SAP AppHaus Network is an international coalition driven by SAP and its partners, united by the belief that successful innovation hinges on five core components: a diverse team, a human-centered approach to innovation, a creative environment, adaptable and agile leadership and the right technology. This global network ensures that creative spaces and innovation services are accessible to organizations utilizing SAP solutions, regardless of location.

Chosen as the inaugural AppHaus partner in Africa back in 2022, EPI-USE has now dedicated a team to intensive training in key AppHaus methodologies over the past few months. With a 40-year partnership with SAP, EPI-USE has nurtured profound domain knowledge and technical proficiency in SAP technologies, aiding clients on their innovation and digital transformation expeditions.

Tracy Bolton, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Africa, said: “Through the expert guidance of our valued partners at EPI-USE and by leveraging SAP’s skills and technology, we hope to support African organisations as they explore innovative solutions to some of the great challenges of our time.”

Jhani Coetzee, Technical AppHaus Lead at EPI-USE, said: “The AppHaus’ human-centred approach and SAP’s Business Technology Platform combine to help companies deliver innovation in a systematic, efficient, and effective way.”

Positioned in Pretoria, the AppHaus is now part of a collection of 22 global locations across crucial SAP markets. It offers a human-centered approach to innovation, granting access to a diverse team of technology, business and innovation specialists, all within a creative space.

Spanning 250 square meters, Africa’s first AppHaus boasts a dedicated space capable of hosting workshops for up to 50 participants, equipped with movable design-thinking tables and writable walls. This setup encourages hands-on engagement, a defining trait of the AppHaus experience, with the flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each client.

Open to SAP customers throughout Africa, the first AppHaus on the continent serves as a testament to the synergy between SAP and EPI-USE, channeling innovation and collaboration towards novel solutions.

For more details about the AppHaus initiative, visit https://apphaus.sap.com.