Epicor Grow transforms supply chains through AI-enhanced ERP

Image of a circle | Epicor Grow transforms supply chains through AI-enhanced ERP

Epicor has unveiled its new Epicor Grow portfolio, an integrated suite of AI and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities powered by a data platform, specifically tailored for the needs of the make, move and sell industries.

The portfolio was unveiled at the Epicor Insights 2024 user conference in Nashville, Tennessee, to reimagine how AI-powered ERP software can and should support the supply chain industries and their workforce.

Aligned with the company’s cognitive ERP vision to evolve traditional ERP from a system of record to a system of action, the Epicor Grow portfolio employs various AI technologies. These include GenAI, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics and more. It delivers over 200 highly specific industry use cases tailored to workers’ contextual environments and workflows, providing the insights and efficiencies needed to drive greater value.

Core elements of the integrated portfolio include Epicor Prism, a patent-pending generative AI service embedded in the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud, which provides contextual insights for smarter decision-making. Alongside this, Epicor Grow AI enhances ERP with practical, outcomes-focused AI, offering capabilities such as predictive analytics, AI-generated sales orders, personalized product suggestions and predictive maintenance.

Epicor Grow Inventory Forecasting, from Epicor’s acquisition of Smart Software, uses predictive analytics for better inventory management. Additionally, Epicor FP&A offers embedded financial planning and analysis, while Epicor Grow BI provides no-code technology for data transformation and visualization.

The Epicor Grow Data Platform consolidates enterprise data for deeper insights, featuring a no-code Pipeline Canvas for customized data management.

Vaibhav Vohra, chief product and technology officer, Epicor, said: “We know the keys to realizing the full power of AI revolve around two important things: applying AI to a well-defined practical business issue and leveraging high-quality data.

“Our new Epicor Grow portfolio delivers on both fronts, putting workers at the center of the intelligence ecosystem. We’re delivering deep AI integration across real-world industry workflows – unlike ‘one size fits all’ industry-agnostic ERPs – to surface actionable insights and drive efficiencies. And we’re empowering users with a rich, industry-centric data platform and no-code tools to create purpose-built data pipelines to help solve specific challenges.”