ERP Today launches Young Professional Network

ERP Today’s Young Professional Network (YPN) is the new resource for young professionals in the ERP ecosystem which will provide opportunities for emerging talent. The seven finalists in this year’s award event have formed the first YPN council, with Yassy Shayesteh – winner of the Young Professional of the Year Award – taking the role of chairperson.

ERP Today is a staunch advocate for young talent and is committed to recognising and rewarding the efforts of young professionals across the sector. The YPN will provide under 30s in enterprise technology with peer-to-peer support, fireside chats with industry experts and a platform to write for ERP Today.

Paul Esherwood, editor at ERP Today, said: “Nurturing young talent in our industry is the key to developing an ecosystem that can deliver for its customers. The skills shortage in enterprise tech is well documented and every year we lose thousands of young professionals who gravitate away from the industry for a variety of reasons. Providing young talent with new opportunities and a support network will help to galvanise them in the industry and we feel very strongly that ERP Today can play an important role in this.

“We want to amplify the voices of young professionals in the sector and give them opportunities to ask tech-leaders candid questions, advocate for their employers and platform their latest ventures. In addition to giving young professionals a voice in the sector, this will generate a two-way flow of information from young professionals back to their employers, providing employers with insights into the needs and ambitions of the youngest people in the sector.”

ERP Today is looking for patron sponsors to support the YPN in a variety of ways. If your company can help provide support to the YPN or you would like to find out more about opportunities to participate in YPN activities, please contact us by sending an email to YPN@ERP.Today