ERP Today Live! On the cloud vs. in the cloud, with Infor

This is the third session in a 3 part series looking back at articles we wrote in 2019 so we can find out if our predictions were correct and what’s changed in the last 2 years. This session focusses on the difference between being on the cloud and in the cloud:

In 2019, ERP Today wrote an article entitled “Are you really ready for the cloud?”. And we said: “Whilst it’s true that physical migrations can be rapidly deployed, the organisational change required to support a successful cloud project can be complex and getting to grips with the concept of change is a bedrock of moving your applications and IT estate to the cloud. Cloud is not another IT project and those who view it as such are unlikely to derive the most benefit from the exercise.”

The article looked at the challenges of embracing a true cloud-first mentality and provided some caution for business leaders that had bought cloud technologies but had not invested in the transformation and change element that was required to extract maximum value from their investment. In this session Hakan Strombeck, industry and solutions strategy director at Infor shares his views on the difference between in the cloud and on the cloud and provides insight into how to extract maximum value from your investment in cloud technologies.