photo of Infor Velocity event in London with CEO and CTO onstage | Infor
Infor announces “momentum” solutions for clients at Velocity Tour London
Infor Velocity Tour has arrived in London today at Tottenham Hotspur stadium with Infor’s CEO and CTO ready to deliver the most recent updates.
a close up of a green palm leaf
SourceDay and Infor to enhance supply chain visibility and control
SourceDay has announced a strategic partnership with Infor to enhance the efficiency of direct spend PO lifecycle management.
ERP Today Live! with Infor
In this ERP Today Live! Stephanie Ball is joined by Infor's Sandeep Anand and Eamon Ida, to discuss getting value when attempting your first AI project.
ERP Today Live! with Infor
In this ERP Today Live! session, Stephanie Ball speaks with Infor's Manjunath Ganimasty, Senior Vice President, Development, Rick Rider, SVP, Product Management and Eamon Ida, Sr. Director, Solution Marketing, Infor OS Platform, on what the 'new age of ERP' looks like for businesses.
Test tubes currently being injected with a pink pipette | healthcare Infor
Help lead the revolution by integrating your healthcare data
As healthcare continues to evolve, data will remain the pillar for success, enabling organizations to achieve the delicate balance between cost control and enhanced patient experiences.
Landscape view of a factory with a lot of complex pipes and machinery throughout | smart factory Infor
Smart factory success rests in the Cloud (ERP)
Smart factories represent the next frontier in operational performance, combining human ingenuity, advanced technologies and data-driven insights. With data at the core, smart factories empower manufacturers to navigate the digital landscape and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.
A top down view of a lorry distribution centre | composable ERP solutions Infor
Composable ERP solutions: providing distributors with future-proofing, flexibility and agility
With business leaders now at the forefront of digital evolution, composable ERP solutions have taken priority. Thanks to modern cloud-based ERP solutions, it's easier than ever to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of technology.
Open blue skies with a giant cloud creeping in from the right hand side | Cloud software Infor
Cloud software: the key to unlocking a digital-first world for your enterprise
Legacy systems have become tangled webs with decades-old processes, preventing enterprises from achieving efficiency in their digital operations. Cloud software can help your business grow to unparalleled heights by innovating processes for peak efficiency.
View of a semi cloudy sky on a rather sunny day | systemair Infor
Infor supports Systemair as they fly to higher ambitions
Infor announced that Europe's largest ventilation company, Systemair, is moving its core business system to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing. Systemair want smoother integration of acquired companies and development of new types of products and services.
Close up of a spreadsheet full of codes and numbers | spreadsheet Infor
Retiring spreadsheets: the business case you’ve been waiting for
The spreadsheet… Perhaps the most prolific office tool since the dawn of electronic admin. As the future marches ever on, is it time to upgrade, kick spreadsheets to the wind and look for better tech?  
image of astronaut in space gazing at the navy sky with stars | Big data
Dated but still feted: The Big Data universe
Big Data is big. To paraphrase the late, great Douglas Adams on space: You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. And that's nothing compared to the hype around it.
abstract image of AI, a cyber brain with blue detailing on a black background | AI
An AI on the Future
With all this attention, you could be forgiven for thinking that AI is a new technology. Phil Lewis says, "let's see how far we can go," as the results of decades of developments come to mainstream fruition.
Infor Innovations Day: It’s RPA, Jim, but not as we know it
Probing deeper into the latest updates to CloudSuite, as unveiled at Infor Innovations Day Nordics.
ERP Today Live! with Infor
Brianna Zink and Marcus Mossberger both senior directors of industry and solutions strategies at Infor, to explore the role of technology and address global labor shortages moving beyond the traditional ERP.
Neon-lit circuitboard showing many complex connections against a very dark background | digital transformation Infor
Unleashing the power of digital transformation
Whether it's a complete digital reinvention or a stepwise modernization, the time for action is now. A digital transformation can help boost effectiveness across the board and improve process efficiencies exponentially. What are you waiting for?
typewriter in black and white | ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 23-27 October
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 13-17 November
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring our top news picks from the week of 13-17 November.
Infor and DailyPay partnership
Infor and DailyPay partnership spells early payday cheer
Infor Workforce Management solutions will provide DailyPay with time data so that employees can access funds instantly based on their timecard details.
An outline of a human brain but detailed with circuit board-styling | Articul8
AI and ML dominate for UK manufacturers, says Infor
A survey released by Infor and Make UK reveals AI and ML usage is set to surge, as manufacturers push to achieve automation and improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality.
Top down view of several small, cakes, sliders and party favours | Daudruy Infor
Daudruy take a bite of Infor’s Food and Beverage solution
French company Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe, a nearly two-century-old oils manufacturer offering vegetable, animal and human food, oil seeds and greases, has chosen to deploy the Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
A laptop open with coding across the screen, the laptop is on a table with a yellow mug and a small plant in the background | developer portal Infor
Infor entices devs with new Developer Portal and Program
Infor have announced the launch of its new Developer Program and Developer Portal, both of which are designed to give devs the information and tools they need to build on top of Infor cloud systems.
Tired looking chef at a food stall, tending to several, unhappy looking customers | Infor inflation food and beverage
Sunken souffle? How food and beverage can avoid inflation irritation
Modern cloud-based ERP solutions can help the food and beverage industry make data-based decisions and find innovative solutions to inflation-induced issues.
Infor dares to mix AI with blockchain in CloudSuite upgrade
Infor has unveiled a wealth of updates to its industry-specific CloudSuites, with new features developed for industries including food & beverage, fashion, automotive and more.
image of typewriter with News headline | weekly hotlist
ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 2-6 October
We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring top news picks from 2-6 October.
Deloitte and Infor set sail for the Nordics
Infor and Deloitte have announced they will be expanding their collaboration and joint ventures to the Nordics.
Rocket that's blasting into space from the launchpad with lots of smoke | cloud-based Infor
The rocket fuel your business needs: Cloud-based enterprise software
Cloud-based enterprise software emerges as a game-changer for businesses, offering them agile platforms that allow fast pivots in response to any market challenges
A singular cloud in front of a clear blue sky | Infor Developer Program
Infor introduces new Developer Program and Developer Portal
Infor has launched its new Developer Program and Developer Portal for developers to build applications on top of Infor cloud ERP systems.
Infor Now 2023 – live from the Big Easy
Infor staged the US leg of its Infor Now 2023 user, partner and practitioner conference this week in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Several farmers in hoodies, bent over harvesting fruit from a green field on a cloudy morning | AI food and beverage
Eat this! AI shakes new life into food and beverage industry
The value of AI in the food and beverage sector in particular is expected to reach $29.94bn by 2028. How is AI already being used, and to what effect?
image of outside warehouse | distribution industry
Hear me out: treat emerging tech as your warehouse’s forklift
Emerging technologies in the distribution industry can and are transforming the way goods are transported and delivered.
Two people have their backs to the viewer in an office setting, working on complex coding on their computers | Infor testing
Time to think testing when implementing Infor Cloudsuite
Testing an Infor platform should be the first thing you do before you roll it out. It's important you're prepared for what that takes.