ERP Today Live! with Infor

In this ERP Today Live! session, Stephanie Ball is joined by two speakers from Infor –  Sandeep Anand, senior director and head of Machine Learning Solutions and Eamon Ida, senior director, Solution Marketing – to discuss how organizations can start unlocking real value when attempting their first AI project.

Many businesses are at the point where they have surpassed the AI hype cycle at its peak and are now ready to start sensibly trying out a range of more in-depth AI use cases.

The benefits are there for the taking, but also on their minds are sure to be a myriad of concerns – data quality and compliance, skills shortages, trusting the technology, systems integration and the pressure to avoid getting bogged down in costly, value-lacking implementations to name a few. Sandeep and Eamon discuss overcoming these blockers and how to make the first move.