ERP Today’s weekly hotlist: 9-13 October

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We’re bringing you ERP Today’s weekly hotlist, featuring top news picks from 9-13 October.

Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to solve healthcare workforce issues

At the HLTH 2023 healthcare event, Google Cloud unveiled new capabilities in Vertex AI Search for healthcare and life science organizations which enable medically tuned GenAI-powered search on a broad spectrum of data, including clinical sources.

Vertex AI Search has the potential to solve issues with workforce shortages, provider burnout and administrative burdens faced by healthcare and life sciences organizations. Its features for healthcare and life sciences companies also promise to help alleviate some of the issues faced and serve as an assistive technology to clinicians and other healthcare professionals.

UiPath bridges access to Amazon Bedrock with service connector

UiPath launched a new Integration Service Connector to provide customers with entry to Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that gives access to foundation models (FMs) through an API.

The connector for Amazon Bedrock will enable automation and citizen developers to seamlessly integrate Generative AI directly in their UiPath Studio and Studio Web automations, using the model of their choice and within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

BT and Google Cloud team up for cybersecurity in array of collaborations

At the Next ’23 London event, BT and Google Cloud announced a new partnership to advance cybersecurity and house BT Group’s data in Google Cloud, building on their existing relationship.

As part of the collaboration, BT will become a managed services delivery partner for Google’s Autonomic Security Operations (ASO) offering based on Google Chronicle. ASO aims to enable organizations to employ an adapted and automated approach to threat management and decrease the time to detect and respond to threats to challenge today’s increasing volume and complexity of cyber attacks.

EY and SAP pave the road to sustainability for organizations

EY expanded its alliance with SAP SE to help organizations accelerate value-led sustainability action with EY professionals advising SAP and customers on the core design and blueprint of the next generation of software solutions to create more impactful climate, nature and social impact strategies.

EY solutions leveraging SAP Sustainability Control Tower allow organizations to progress from record to report to action, report against multiple regulatory frameworks and embed sustainability metrics in their internal performance management processes.

Lenovo unveils new competition program to attract STEM students

Lenovo announced the launch of its #Waste2Wonder program, a school project based on hands-on experience, giving students the opportunity to break into STEM subjects.

The aim of the project is to uncover a blend of sustainability and STEM development tailored for teachers, schools and parents with children up to the age of 16. The project introduces STEM concepts to students at a young age which can encourage lifelong learning and adaptability in an ever-changing job market.