Eurotunnel on track to boost customer journeys with Salesforce

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle (Eurotunnel) has selected Salesforce to support its digital transformation journey and enhance engagement with customers by leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Eurotunnel will use the platform to further improve the services it offers to customers and boost travel experiences, which is at the core of its strategic ambition.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution will enable the train service to engage with customers across multiple channels in a more personalized manner and therefore bring them great value at every point of their journey.

Eurotunnel was the first cross-channel operator to deploy a digital wallet to help ease the journey of its passengers and it will continue deploying digital solutions and best practices to improve travel experiences.

Michael Green, senior vice president of retail consumer goods, travel, transport and hospitality at Salesforce UKI, said: “Eurotunnel is setting the standard for international travel and customer service. Today every business needs to have a digital-first mindset, Eurotunnel is a great example of a brand reimagining themselves for the future in an all-digital world, we’re excited to partner with them as they deliver personalized and memorable experiences for their customers.”

Deborah Merrens, chief commercial officer of Eurotunnel, added: “Eurotunnel Le Shuttle has over performed the market during the last two years and has welcomed many new customers for the first time. Customer care is our priority and the partnership with Salesforce will allow to combine our data capabilities to offer our customers a great and seamless travel experience.”