Fudgelearn TNA Free Template

What is a TNA?

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the cornerstone of a successful and meaningful training program, facilitating user adoption. It identifies and evaluates how training will be delivered and matches the right users to the relevant training courses based on their roles and daily tasks.

Understanding the different types of users in your TNA is crucial to creating a meaningful and successful training program.

Benefits of a TNA

  • Aligns the required training with the job roles performed by individuals.
  • Ensures the training received in a training environment matches the practical use of the system.
  • Targets training at the correct roles/people.
  • Helps trainees remain focused on the training relevant to them.
  • Prevents wasted training time and confusion about the purpose of the training.
  • Involves the correct people, like Business Process Owners (BPOs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), to ensure accurate completion.
  • Enables the detection of any emerging or new skill gaps, allowing timely intervention.

The TNA template is a simplified version of our TNA. It gives you an idea of how we determine your team’s key needs and how this information is shared among different individuals at various stages within the company. Download this free resource from Fudgelearn below.