Increase productivity and reduce project delays with a Digital Adoption Platform

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are an asset for aligning your organization during substantial digital transformations, ensuring effective change management and user adoption is achieved. Investing in the right support tool benefits your overall system’s investment – users can navigate through the System Application in their time of need.

A good DAP is user-friendly as it supports the user at their time/point of need. This is why Fudgelearn are full advocates for Oracle Guided Learning (OGL).

Some useful features of OGL include guiding users during new or forgotten processes at their point of need – resolving technical issues with ease without disrupting their flow of work. It displays important messages/updates to user’s attention, and encourages users to present their feedback, to improve how OGL can further help them during their daily work.

OGL can be applied to each user depending on their job role, so they’re presented with messaging and guides that are relevant to them – reducing irrelevant messages that don’t affect user’s work, and being confident that the messages affecting them are being delivered and acknowledged.


How to maximise OGL’s full potential

We recommend forming a knowledgeable OGL team to manage the support tool. Your team should be comprised of people who not only understand the ins and outs of OGL but also have the expertise to apply this according to your unique business needs. This combination means you’re confident OGL is being used in the right, most impactful places as your users navigate through the Fusion environment.

How We Can Help

We have the knowledge and resource ready and available. As an Oracle Partner, we are experienced of all things OGL – providing support from implementation to developing and designing meaningful assets for your business.

OGLi Package

To save time, money and feel confident knowing your OGL is being managed by a team of experts, we’ve created an incredible, comprehensive OGLI package.

Accelerate your user-adoption knowing Fusion users are supported at a fraction of a cost with Oracle’s “try before you buy” OGL Included (OGLi).