Google Cloud and Workday upgrade users’ GenAI tools

image of robot hand reaching out to human hand with blue background | Google Cloud and Workday

Google Cloud and Workday have expanded their partnership, bringing new GenAI capabilities to enhance how customers build and manage their apps on Workday.

Through this partnership, Workday will use Gemini models and Vertex AI to enable GenAI capabilities within Workday Extend, helping customers optimize business performance, generate business insights and expedite transaction and closing processes.

Workday solutions are now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling Google Cloud customers and new Workday customers to purchase and deploy Workday solutions on Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

Additionally, Workday has integrated with Vertex AI to bring Gemini’s reasoning, code generation and natural language processing capabilities to developers building apps in Workday Extend. These tools aim to provide developers with AI-powered code generation, troubleshooting and information retrieval to enhance the quality and speed of deploying apps.

Customers can now leverage Google’s GenAI tools within Extend to develop new purchase requisition workflows or new-hire onboarding experiences, enabling them to address changing business needs.

Stephen Orban, VP of migrations, ISVs and marketplace at Google Cloud, said: “Enterprises depend on Workday to manage millions of documents and power critical finance and HR functions.

“Google Cloud’s GenAI can help these organizations more efficiently search, analyze and retrieve information from the Workday platform, including code generation that expedites the development of new applications.”

Shane Luke, vice president of product and engineering and head of AI and ML at Workday, said: “Thousands of developers use Workday Extend to innovate on the Workday platform and to rapidly build apps that help organizations adapt to fast changing needs.

“With the expanded partnership, Workday users will be able to leverage sophisticated Gemini AI models to continue to accelerate innovation.”