Stagwell leverages Google Cloud to boost GenAI marketing capabilities

image of Google HQ | Google Cloud and Stagwell

Google Cloud and SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, have entered into a partnership with Stagwell to develop GenAI marketing solutions that support Stagwell agencies, client partners and product development within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud (SMC).

Through this collaboration, SMC will build AI-based tools for modern marketers and receive development support from Google Cloud which will enhance SMC’s ability to identify, develop and infuse AI capabilities into all of its products.

SMC will use Google Cloud’s GenAI solutions, including Vertex AI and Duet AI, to create new solutions to help customers transform brand campaigns, accelerate GenAI solution development and harness data analytics and insights.

Additionally, SMC plans to release its solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace in the future, to scale access to Stagwell’s marketing-focused AI-enabled product suite.

Mark Penn, chairman and CEO, Stagwell, said: “Partnering with Google Cloud is an opportunity to strengthen our SMC offering and engage with some of the best technology professionals as we build, test and scale our GenAI products, enabling us to get market-shifting technology in the hands of our teams and our client partners faster than ever.

“As we work to lead the AI-based transformation of marketing, it is an honor to partner with Google Cloud and SADA to chart the future of AI.”

Caroline Yap, managing director, global AI business, Google Cloud, said: “Through Stagwell’s collaboration with Google Cloud, brands can gain competitive access to the transformative power of GenAI, accelerating the development of customer-centric marketing campaigns with enhanced data analysis and automation.

“This partnership exemplifies Google Cloud’s commitment to getting cutting-edge technology into the hands of customers through its easy-to-deploy, scalable and secure AI solutions.”

In addition to this, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in Australia announced it has recently rebuilt its digital banking system on Google Cloud to create a more personalized customer experience and faster, more reliable rollout of new features.