Great Possibilities for SAP Customers When Intel Powers Microsoft Azure VMs

Intel Mv3 SAP Microsoft : A gaming computer with a blue geometric image to insinuate AI

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a public preview of new Mv3 Medium Memory Virtual Machines, powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

The Mv3 MM (Medium Memory) series virtual machines, with Microsoft Azure Boost, aims to provide a 25 percent improvement in network throughput and up to 1.5x improvement in remote storage throughput over the previous M-series families. It also provides enhanced security by running storage and networking services separately from the host. 

Additionally, Mv3 instances provide improved uptime through zonal resilience, lower TCO and notably an increased selection of SAP Certified VMs up to 32TB to enable customers to ‘Right Size’ their memory capacity for HANA database requirements. With both disk and diskless options, it allows customers to further right-size their infrastructure and only pay for the local storage they need. 

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Protecting Data in Use:

The Azure Confidential VM family includes the DCesv5 series and the ECesv5 series VMs. Featuring 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, these VMs are backed by Intel Trust Domain Extensions (Intel TDX), enabling the latest Intel hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment.

Organizations can use these VMs to move confidential workloads to the cloud without needing to make code changes to their applications to protect and encrypt in memory while in-use. 

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