The Power of Choice: SAP and Intel Address Diverse Customer Needs


SAP & Intel announced in May 2023 the intensification of a decade long strategic collaboration to deliver more powerful and sustainable SAP Software landscapes, designed to help customers derive greater scalability, agility and cost performance.  This collaboration was highlighted at the Intel Innovation event (Innovation video) where SAP and Intel discussed how customer’s compute requirements are changing, with some workloads requiring higher performance per core and other workloads requiring higher core density for efficiency.

SAP S/4 HANA supports thousands of companies around the globe to run their business, optimize their processes and innovate in the respective markets. SAP Software is everywhere, and the Intel partnership has enabled SAP to deliver consistent cost performance across the globe. This led to the largest SAP certified ecosystem ranging from leading OEMs to leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). One of the great benefits is the ability to implement SAP solutions anywhere without complex, expensive and time-consuming porting required.

Intel’s upcoming platform with its new flexibility for E-Cores and P-Cores, is well in line with SAP requirements. SAP runs today on 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and will move along to the next generation, codenamed Granite Rapids, enabling customers to benefit from the enhancements at hand.

However, with SAP Cloud solutions, the future generation of Intel Xeon, codenamed Siera Forrest with E-Cores, provides an edge as it addresses the needs of Microservices-based Architectures that SAP is adopting. 

Stefan Goebel, Head of Strategic Engineering Partnerships at SAP, said “SAP HANA Cloud – a DBaaS offering – runs out of the box on Sierra Forest, which is a great benefit of the Intel architecture. SAP’s initial testing with SAP HANA Cloud and Sierra Forest already shows good performance, scalability and flexibility and the two companies are continuing joint collaborations on E-Cores. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Cloud Edition is our Public Cloud ERP offering that will benefit from the flexibility of using the respective strength of Performance Cores and Efficient Cores in combination, and optimize the infrastructure based on our customer needs.”

SAP is looking forward to adopting this future gen Intel Xeon platform throughout 2024 with OEM and CSP partners to deliver its benefits to SAP customers and partners. The fact that SAP Software runs on Performance and Efficiency cores, without modifications, enables a smooth transition and consumption of those new capabilities.