How a centralized hub can help you quantify the value of a business transformation

A connection of red cables neatly plugged into a cable router | hub Celonis

Quantifying the value added from a new solution introduced into a company’s systems can sometimes be a muddled affair. An already resource-restricted IT team may struggle juggling the integration of new solutions while trying to report on the added business value from each new system introduced, like financial analytics or database management.

Smaller to mid-sized businesses may only require one or two solutions to hit their business goals, but a larger business looking to upgrade legacy systems could have to grapple with a large selection of additional software and technology. Celonis’ process intelligence platform uses process mining and AI to build a digital-twin of a company’s end-to-end processes; unveiling where business value can be achieved by optimizing processes.

Once organizations have a clear view of their business processes and where value is hiding, Celonis‘ solutions can help them transform their operations and capture that value. In addition, a centralized hub is provided, through which users can measure and report on the business impact of the solutions used.

The Celonis Transformation Hub was designed to help users with its solutions better track and manage value realization; it’s an interconnected and centralized location that can quantify the impact and business value of a Celonis implementation. From Transformation Hub, a user can track and report the progress of process changes. The use of data visualization can help users better understand how process optimizations are adding value.

The Transportation Hub can be used for any process that’s being optimized with Celonis, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, Order Management and Procurement, with the option to add opportunities for more processes.

For example, a business may want to look at opportunities to optimize working capital. The business has identified that its Accounts Payable department is paying a vendor 5-17 days earlier than necessary. The firm has estimated the size of the opportunity and is using Execution Apps to stop the early payments and realize the value. The progress of the change in this process can be tracked through Transformation Hub.

By centralizing important data through a single interface, like Celonis’ Transformation Hub, firms can better manage their process improvement programs, discover new optimization opportunities and gain the upper hand in their respective industries.