How API and ERP integrations are transforming corporate treasury

group of co-workers sitting at a desk in front of computers | Kyriba API treasury concept

Adopting API technology to integrate ERP systems with treasury systems is a transformative step for corporate treasury management. Such integration facilitates real-time data transfer, ensuring that treasurers are equipped with the most up-to-date financial information for accurate stakeholder reporting and enhanced decision-making.

Additionally, APIs bring heightened security in data transfers, offer scalability for growing business needs and ensure flexibility in adopting new functionalities.

While there are many benefits, businesses are yet to grasp the full potential of connectivity, especially for ERP integration, and even more importantly, how non-technical teams such as treasury can take full advantage of API solutions.

During KyribaLive 2023, Kyriba’s Félix Grévy, VP of connectivity and open API, and John Brandt, VP of product connectivity, explored the transformative potential of APIs. Providing updates on Kyriba’s Connectivity-as-a-Service solutions, Félix and John also shed light on how a technology partner like Kyriba assists treasurers on their API journey.

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