How the right ERP helps nonprofits deliver more impact

from Unit4 Communications

No matter what your mission is, doing more with less while keeping stakeholders happy is every nonprofit organization’s dream. But can the right kind of enterprise software achieve this elusive goal?

Like many nonprofits, you’ll regularly experience barriers to impact, that affect your ability to raise sufficient funding and respond quickly to demand. Often these are caused by inadequate enterprise technology that makes getting hold of the data you need and reporting to donors harder and more time-consuming. All driving up your indirect costs and sapping your ability to deliver impact.

By contrast, organizations that manage to reduce these barriers find it easier to coordinate all their partners and members, optimize funding allocation, access insightful data and report to grant-makers on spending and impact.

These organizations realized that making do with old, fragmented software not intended for nonprofits won’t work in today’s fast-paced economy and only adds to their costs.

The right ERP

Obviously, your technology isn’t the only factor in delivering more impact, but it can be a big one. So, it’s essential you deploy software that’s purpose-built for you. Nonprofit-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems make it easy for your people to change things so they can set up new projects and processes themselves quickly.

A nonprofit-specific ERP will also make it easier for your field workers to capture data, helping your analysts at head office assess what’s happening right now and make course corrections as necessary. Letting you easily allocate spend to the optimal grant.

Software for nonprofits even makes reporting to donors just the way they like it simpler, so you always comply with funding conditions, and future grant applications are more successful. Mobile apps offer you the same experience in the field as at head office, and low-value tasks can be automated so your people can get on with delivering more impact.

Enhanced People Experience

People Experience (PX) is our unique approach to designing software that puts people first and makes work more intuitive and inspiring. People who use our systems are in control. Able to set up and change things easily themselves, making your whole organization more responsive and saving time on administrative tasks.

Enterprise software designed for nonprofits empowers and engages your people, energizing them to deliver more impact.