IBM enhances AI portfolio with three new libraries

ibm_headquarters | IBM AI

IBM has unveiled an expansion to its embeddable AI software portfolio with the release of three new libraries designed to help IBM Ecosystem partners, clients and developers efficiently and cost-effectively build their own AI-powered solutions and bring them to market.

These expansions are now readily available, and the AI libraries were developed in IBM Research and designed to provide Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) across industries an easily scalable way to build natural language processing, speech to text, and text to speech capabilities into applications across any hybrid, multi cloud environment.

The three new libraries now available include: IBM Watson Natural Language Processing Library, IBM Watson Speech to Text Library, and IBM Watson Text to Speech Library, all of which are designed to assist developers provide capabilities to process human language, and help businesses improve customer service experiences.

These new expansions include innovations developed by IBM Research as well as open source technology and are designed to reduce the time and resources required for a developer to add powerful AI to an application. Both IBM Ecosystem partners and mutual clients are said to benefit from IBM’s portfolio of embeddable AI products.

Kate Woolley, general manager at IBM Ecosystem, said: “Enterprises must commit to a significant investment in expertise, resources and time required to build, deploy and manage AI-powered solutions. By bringing to market the same portfolio of embeddable AI technology that powers our industry-leading IBM Watson products, we are helping Ecosystem partners more efficiently deliver AI experiences that can drive business value for their clients.”

Yatharth Gupta, SVP products at SingleStore, said: “We are thrilled with our ability to embed IBM Watson Natural Language Processing in our technology so seamlessly. Helping our clients integrate and use capabilities such as sentiment analysis will be invaluable in driving real time analytics to help them better understand, engage and serve their customers.”