IBM offers one key to protect them all with new cloud security tool

IBM has launched a new cloud service designed to help enterprises protect data across multiple clouds and assist regulated industries in demonstrating their compliance faster. Named Unified Key Orchestrator, the service performs key management across hybrid, multi-cloud environments to help enterprises mitigate risk to critical data from cyber-attacks and insider threats.

Available as part of IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, Unified Key Orchestrator helps organizations manage encryption keys across multiple cloud environments, giving clients a better understanding of their data security posture.

Hillery Hunter, general manager, industry clouds and solutions, CTO at IBM Cloud, said: “Protecting critical data across multiple platforms can be incredibly complex but all it takes is one weak link to put a company’s entire strategy at risk. That’s why we’re giving clients one single point of control, allowing them to know who has access to their critical data at all times, even on other clouds.

“Trust and choice have always been at the heart of our work with clients. Now as businesses modernize, we’re making it easier for them to manage their encryption keys and protect data across any environment they choose.”