IBM paints a brighter future for creatives with FYI collaboration

IBM Think logo in abstract colours | IBM watsonx FYI

IBM has entered into a new collaboration with and FYI (Focus Your Ideas) to leverage the power of generative AI for creatives.

The FYI app is engineered to inspire and empower artists, creators and innovators to collaborate seamlessly on projects and help them manage their business with everything from storyboarding, messaging and video calls to high-resolution file sharing and scheduling in one place.

Both companies will integrate watsonx, IBM’s new AI and data platform, to scale AI and embed responsibility, transparency and explainability into the creative process.

FYI currently runs on IBM Cloud and is enabled by IBM technology to harness cryptography. With watsonx, the FYI team will be able to deploy custom AI capabilities to automate content creation and supply chain workflows, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing communication among teams and allowing more time for the creative process.

“Generative AI has incredible power to transform the content creation and collaboration process at scale, but the AI used must be built with security, governance, and transparency,” said Jesus Mantas, global managing partner, IBM Consulting. “Together, FYI and IBM aim to transform the creative collaboration process with simple and highly efficient generative AI powered workflows.”

“The FYI team is honored to expand our relationship with IBM, adding watsonx capabilities that will help our Web 3.0 messenger app to be even more productive,” said, founder and CEO of FYI. “Collaborating with IBM, a trusted partner and expert in the generative AI field, will enable both FYI and the creative community to scale.”