Incorta drives ERP cloud migration with Google Cloud

Real-time business analytics company Incorta has partnered with Google Cloud as part of what is said to be a whole raft of initiatives around cloud computing and analytics deployments – and there’s a concerted ERP thread throughout.

The company says its latest platform enhancements are tuned to help organizations move their ERP business application data into contemporary cloud computing environments.

The partnerships include Incorta ‘validating’ its technology through the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery and AlloyDB initiatives. But what is Google technology validation?

Google tech validation?

It’s a term used perhaps somewhat too lightly in passing here, but Google technology validation is generally accepted to mean that the search and data giant has passed a third-party technology platform, service, toolset or other (in this case, Incorta’s, obviously) through a process of due diligence – and that analysis process has confirmed that the code and datasets in question can be incorporated with, adjoined and adjunct to or otherwise integrated with the wider system (in this case, Google’s, obviously) and operating systems intended.

As part of the BigQuery validation initiative, Incorta has completed evaluation and enhancement activities to ensure that the companies’ solutions deliver against best practices and performance benchmarks. Incorta and Google Cloud have also collaborated to refine existing documentation to enable customers around successfully working with the companies’ solutions.

Reminding us why there is a complexity issue here to address, Ashwin Warrier, vice president of product at Incorta says that ERP data is inherently complex and highly connected to business processes and other applications, so making use of this data within cloud systems requires specific capabilities. 

“Incorta’s open data delivery platform is purpose-built for acquiring, processing, analyzing and presenting business applications data, allowing companies to get their data into the cloud and use that information faster and more efficiently. Incorta’s approach complements how companies implement their systems, so that it can support the most complex cloud and hybrid environments that are in place,” said Warrier.

Raw data, software sushi

With Incorta Direct Data Mapping, companies can preprocess their raw data to determine all potential query paths, enabling them to carry out ultra-fast queries on normalized data models without data reshaping or data transformations. Incorta claims that this approach means that companies can work with 100 percent of their data without requiring complex transformations that affect the data itself.

“Companies want to move their data into the cloud so they can take advantage of it, but this can be problematic for ERP data that comes from a wide mix of complex and connected systems. Getting that data into the cloud requires a dedicated approach and understanding of how these systems connect with each other, while keeping their data fresh and accurate over time and ensuring teams can work with it quickly in a trusted environment,” explained Warrier. 

“At Incorta, we are pleased to make that journey to the cloud easier through our integrations with Google Cloud BigQuery and AlloyDB, helping our customers take advantage of the cloud around ERP data, carry out operations in real time and support the kinds of decision making that business leaders want to make in today’s business environment,” he added. 

Google Cloud’s BigQuery is a serverless enterprise data warehouse that works across clouds and supports both real-time and predictive analytics. Incorta says it makes it easier to get data into BigQuery and provide analytics around ERP data.

Google Cloud Ready

“Companies want to work with partners that can help them create new value from their data, and services like BigQuery & AlloyDB make it easier for those teams to use their data effectively,” said Ritika Suri, director, technology partnerships at Google Cloud. “Achieving Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery and AlloyDB statuses shows that Incorta’s integration will help companies achieve those results in their work around data and improve their decisions across their organizations.”

Google Cloud’s AlloyDB is a fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service for enterprise database workloads based on the open source database engine, PostgreSQL.

By achieving the Google Cloud Ready designation for AlloyDB, Incorta has proven its product has met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with AlloyDB and refined documentation for ease of onboarding by mutual customers.

Using Incorta, companies can get their ERP data into AlloyDB from the ERP data sources and then use the combination of Incorta and AlloyDB to provide users with more analytics and visualization capabilities.