Infor and TipQwik to deliver mobile tipping for hospitality

image of TipQwik mockup on phone | Infor and TipQwik

Infor has revealed a new partnership with TipQwik to offer hoteliers the ability to provide guests with more flexible tipping options.

Through this integration, Infor Hospitality Management System (HMS) customers can offer guests the ability to securely and efficiently give gratuities to select staff departments. Hotel guests can access the gratuity function via the HMS Mobile Guest Experience, providing a faster, more convenient way to manage gratuities.

TipQwik is a mobile tipping application created to allow customers and guests to provide gratuity payments to people in the hospitality and service industries directly from their mobile devices, letting them leave a tip from anywhere in the world. By integrating with existing hotel systems, such as property management tools, the app communicates with guests and customers to make tipping more convenient.

“The numbers of people carrying paper currency on them every day continue to decline due to the rise of credit cards, e-commerce, digital currency and even the pandemic,” said Matt Tuchband, co-founder of TipQwik. “The ability to tip with a smartphone throughout a property is important for two reasons. The first, reduced turnover through retention and reduced hiring costs for staff that normally do not get tips included on a bill such as housekeeping, porters, etc. And two, it provides a simple option for guests to show their appreciation at any time without fumbling for cash.”

“Partnering with Infor, a leading hospitality technology provider, allows us to provide their HMS customers with another extension to help hotel properties increase bottom-line results, employee happiness and the overall guest experience,” Tuchband added.

Specifically, TipQwik Mobile Tipping integrates with Infor HMS Mobile Guest Experience. Upon check-in, the guest can access the application allowing them to make gratuity payments to the hotel staff throughout their stay from their mobile device and finalize payment at the end of the stay via their hotel room account or via one-click payment options such as ApplePay, GooglePay and saved credit card details while maintaining the highest levels of PCI compliance.

By adding an integrated gratuity component to Infor HMS, the solution will deliver more tools to help hoteliers improve the guest experience, get more repeat business and improve reporting with greater visibility around total employee compensation.

“Infor remains committed to always evolving its HMS software as industry needs dictate new challenges,” said Joe Vargas, Infor senior vice president for hospitality. “Partnering with TipQwik to offer enhanced options to changing guest preferences, such as offering solutions for those who prefer to operate in a cashless society yet still want to support hospitality workers reliant on tips as part of their income, was the right step in keeping our customers competitive.”