Infor dares to mix AI with blockchain in CloudSuite upgrade

Infor has unveiled a wealth of updates to its industry-specific CloudSuites, with new features developed for industries including food & beverage, fashion, automotive and more.

The innovations, part of Infor’s new bi-annual cycle for major product releases, aim to help organizations better plan for onboarding new tech in the name of all things transformation and optimized customer delivery.

Soma Somasundaram, Infor president & CTO, said: “The innovations that we are delivering with our October release will enable customers to boost agility, leverage data-driven insights for improved decision-making and get access to industry-specific solutions out of the box.

“They are designed to help customers automate business processes, achieve business results faster and pave the way for business transformation.”

The new products and technology in the Infor October release include complete and industry-specific solutions, a digitally enabled open platform that enables ease of integration, and hyper-productive workflows aiming to improve time to value.

Infor Cloudsuite: the information breakdown

Core to the October release is Infor Enterprise Automation solution, a set of Infor OS multi-tenant cloud services, built on AWS, which are designed to help companies rapidly scale automation across their organizations by connecting data integration, AI/ML, and RPA capabilities into a single platform.

Infor is also enhancing its CloudSuite solution for Automotive by introducing new capabilities aiming to help customers increase supply chain resilience, optimize manufacturing productivity, control costs and drive profitability.

The updated CloudSuite for Industrial Manufacturing meanwhile is described by Infor as helping customers to handle unique product configurations, boost productivity and build agile supply chains.

To boot, Infor’s CloudSuite solution for Distribution now boasts help for distributors to keep pace with customer demands, improve their visibility and capacity for profitable growth, and also control costs with advanced supply chain management.

Infor is enhancing its CloudSuite solution for Food & Beverage by introducing new capabilities that help F&B manufacturers increase yields, product quality and output, optimize their supply chains and operations, and also simplify compliance processes.

CloudSuite for Fashion updates are also included, enabling more sustainable product innovation, helping fashion brands also drive profitability, adapt to trends and scale their businesses.

Finally, Infor is enhancing its Healthcare solution by introducing new capabilities hoing to help healthcare organizations optimize care delivery, build resilient operations and supply chains, and retain and recruit frontline talent. An interesting development in Web3 disruption of ERP comes in the update’s Blockchain Career Credential Verification. The tool leverages new HCM technology for career credentials and personal information verification by reducing labor costs incurred with traditional verification methods and time-to-hire and onboard new employees.

The blockchain solution automates credential and personal information verification, reducing labor costs for phone call verification processes, onboarding time, and time-to-hire, with candidates controlling which verifiable credentials they share.