Infor chosen by food producer HAK to grow green efficiency

Maikel Jongenelis standing next to a HAK sign with the company logo

Infor has announced that Dutch producer of vegetables and legumes, HAK, is starting to implement the company’s CloudSuite Food and Beverage solution to make its business processes more efficient and respond to changing situations in the market.

As HAK strives to achieve greater sustainability and become 100 percent organic for all its local vegetables and legumes, while keeping it affordable, this requires greater efficiency throughout the production chain.

While a lot is still done manually at HAK, the entire organization is involved in the implementation of CloudSuite to increase efficiency in supply chain planning and warehouse management. HAK will start with operational flows as the most important element, but every discipline will eventually start working with the system.

As part of its main capabilities, the ERP solution aids businesses with their manufacturing operations and product development, forecasting and demand planning, production planning and scheduling, shelf-life and seasonality management, recipe management, least cost formulation and advanced product lifecycle management.

The new ERP solution will also help with traceability or as HAK calls it, “from soil to mouth,” providing the ability to manage this element even more efficiently and overall accelerating the company’s development and innovation.

Marcel Koks, food industry strategy leader at Infor, said: “HAK is a wonderful Dutch food producer. They were looking for an industry-specific solution that meets their business objectives and also fits their company culture. They have found a match for both in Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage.”

Maikel Jongenelis, CFO at HAK, said that Infor’s approach fits in well with the way in which HAK operates while adding: “More than 85 percent of our processes that we want to address are included as standard processes in the Infor solution, especially in the areas of supply chain planning and warehouse management. So, little work needs to be done.

“In addition, we work with a quality information system that is known to Infor and has also been included in previous implementations at other Infor customers. So, there is also easy integration there.”

The customer win follows others for Infor in the industry, with Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage also recently being chosen by poultry producer Scandi Standard to consolidate and standardize its core processes as well as by rum company E&A Scheer to help distribution and recipe management in combination with greater insight into the supply chain.