Daudruy take a bite of Infor’s Food and Beverage solution

Top down view of several small, cakes, sliders and party favours | Daudruy Infor

Infor has announced French company Daudruy Van Cauwenberghe, a nearly two-century-old oils manufacturer offering vegetable, animal and human food, oil seeds and greases, has chosen to deploy the Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The deployment will be carried out by Infor partner LTTD Consulting, a food industry expert and partners with Infor from the beginning of the project. The initiative is part of an information systems transformation at Daudruy, initiated by the company’s management headquartered in Dunkirk, Northern France, and will impact the firm’s 200 employees and its subsidiaries, oilseed-related businesses, which focus on energy and food and ingredients.

Daudruy’s legacy ERP had been in place for almost 20 years and no longer met the requirements of the company’s operations, nor those of modern commercial exchanges. Its maintenance was becoming increasingly hazardous, required costly and time-consuming specific development and offered no guarantee of longevity.

The project to implement Infor’s solution was launched in September 2023, followed by functional workshops in line with LTTD Consulting’s methodology. It will continue with two implementation phases, one in November 2024, the next in June 2025. The company will also implement traceability and tracking rules to demonstrate a commitment to environmental values.

Pierre-Louis Daudruy, co-manager of the Daudruy Cos, said: “The project we are carrying out with Infor and LTTD Consulting involves technological and business challenges, not to mention human considerations. The solution must absolutely meet with the unanimous approval of our team of 70 users, who are used to precise and efficient functional processes, but who, to our great satisfaction, have welcomed the change with enthusiasm.”

Laurent Lebecque, ERP manager at Daudruy, added: “Securing our business processes through validation workflows was a key element in the study of our information system transformation projects. We really wanted to improve this aspect with a solution dedicated to our business sector, while retaining the agility and precision we already have in terms of customization thanks to unique practices, controlled from end to end in terms of product quality, volumes and logistics.

“The 100 percent AWS multi-tenant cloud solution was the most attractive option in terms of security, process automation, infrastructure, agility and speed. The choice of Infor and its partner LTTD Consulting was obvious, based on their references in the food and beverage sector, and with its solution whose standard features may challenge our practices to some degree – which is what we also wanted – but which allows us to project ourselves into a modern dynamic in line with the uses and requirements of our times.”

Thierry Bigot, LTTD’s sales director, said: “Our ability to offer Daudruy solutions designed for their industries means that they can benefit not only from standard business functionalities in the cloud, but also from best practices by combining our expertise and commitment.”