Infor Cloverleaf users luck out with AWS Marketplace

Infor building image - Infor AWS marketplace

Infor has announced that the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite is now available in AWS Marketplace.

Infor Cloverleaf, a professional-grade interoperability engine for the modern healthcare enterprise, provides an innovative foundation for clinical integration by securely compiling and processing data intelligence. Using analytics to draw insights and apply them to patient care, it helps healthcare organizations struggling with interoperability.

The new Infor Cloverleaf accessibility on AWS Marketplace will now enable the solution to be increasingly scalable. It provides customers with the ability to support multiple options for centralized and distributed interoperability architectures and overcome interoperability challenges with a portfolio of user experience (UX) tools for configuration, testing and run-time. Internal development teams will be freed up to focus on creating more innovative functionality and faster software delivery to customers.

“By working with Infor, powered by AWS, we have the power to deliver our business and clinical operations through integrated and connected platforms,” said Jeremy Marut, chief of digital modernization at Tufts Medicine. “This means we never forsake great patient care or business strategy for lack of commodity computing resources helping us do business better and giving us the tools to provide more efficient healthcare delivery and even greater patient care.

“Having two trusted partners pave the way for how healthcare data is structured and standardized is critical to the private and secure flow and exchange of information. Transacting these solutions in AWS Marketplace provides a streamlined and frictionless way of doing business, which allows us to maximize our cloud relationship with AWS while more directly controlling our budgeting and spending in real time.”

Matt Breslin, executive vice president and general manager, Infor, said: “By offering our healthcare applications in AWS Marketplace, we are doubling down on our commitment to the healthcare industry and providing our current and future customers with a trusted cloud offering on AWS. This relationship is a building block in our larger strategy to bring data into our comprehensive Infor Data Fabric, helping leading healthcare organizations create clinical and operational efficiencies using data and advanced technologies to drive valuable insights.”