Infor launches dedicated cloud for UK public sector

Infor has launched a dedicated multi-tenant cloud offering for the UK public sector. The solution combines Infor CloudSuite Public Sector, Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) and Infor People Solutions with the public sector enterprise asset management capabilities of Infor Hansen, all of which run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The offering will ensure that local, central government and arms-length bodies remain on the most up-to-date software releases to provide robust, secure, and easily managed services.

To ensure compliance with the applicable data residency regulations, Infor Public Sector can be deployed via AWS in London. As part of the offering, Infor will build on more than two decades of experience with UK public sector organisations such as South West Water, Borders College, London Fire Brigade and Viewpoint Housing.

Anwen Robinson, Infor senior vice president and general manager for the UK & Ireland, said: “Through the pandemic, cloud technology has proven to be an essential enabler for remote working across the public sector. The opportunity to replace cumbersome, frequently insecure, on-premises applications and expensive data centres that demand a lot of management makes for an immediately attractive option. Now Infor can offer the UK public sector the ability to stay up-to-date and secure, keeping data on UK shores, whilst delivering highly relevant proven functionality to the public sector as well as multi-tenant options that open the possibility of shared services. And all of this is backed by our knowledge in addressing public sector challenges from across the globe. This makes for an incredibly compelling business case throughout both local and central governments.”