International drilling contractor upgrades with IFS

IFS has announced that international offshore drilling contractor Borr Drilling is upgrading its existing IT platforms to latest IFS versions including IFS Cloud, IFS Cloud services and IFS Success services.

Borr Drilling owns and operates 28 jack-up rigs of modern and high-specification designs providing drilling services to the offshore energy exploration and production industry worldwide.

IFS Cloud will support mission-critical business processes, including enterprise asset management (EAM), onshore-offshore data replication, supply chain management, and global financials.

The IFS solution meets SOX compliance and allows customers to manage maintenance, supply chain, and finance more quickly and efficiently, connecting data across all these functions. It also features inbuilt replication between head office and rigs. IFS Cloud can be used onshore and offshore by all rigs and global support organisations.

Kjetil Gran, IT director at Borr Drilling, said: “IFS is a key strategic partner to Borr Drilling and we are very happy to continue our digitalisation journey with IFS’ latest products and technology. IFS Cloud provides us with the comprehensive end-to-end functionality in a single platform that simplifies mission-critical business processes and provides the insights we need to make key decisions. I look forward to continuing our partnership with IFS.”

Christian Pedersen, chief product officer at IFS, added: “Energy is a key focus industry for IFS. We are proud to be able to support rig, FPSO and complex vessel owners with critical oil and gas industry functionality through IFS Cloud.”