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Angela Mazza Teufer rejoins Oracle to lead ERP business across Europe
Angela Mazza Teufer is Oracle’s beacon for enterprise applications and cloud across Europe. After a long career at rival, SAP, she rejoined Oracle just nine months ago with a mandate to grow the cloud business across Europe. Paul Esherwood spoke exclusively to the new SVP at OpenWorld and posed a series of questions which are reported below...


Workday Rising 2022 event preview
Workday Rising 2022 event preview
What can we expect from Workday Rising Europe 2022?
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Many high-performing businesses have discovered the fragility of their systems and processes...


Expert Opinions

The Power of Purpose
It wasn’t Bono who stole the show at Davos. It wasn’t even Will.i.am, Marc Benioff or Gary Cohn. Nor was it...
ERP Readiness in the Public Sector
People often make assumptions about the difference between public sector versus private sector readiness. The most common is that there is a great deal more due diligence, bureaucracy and compliance hurdles compared to private businesses. That somehow, the private sector...
DLT An introduction to distributed ledger technology
Distributed ledger technology (DLT), also known as a shared or distributed ledger, is amongst the most frequently used buzzwords in business. However, despite the attention it receives and its widely mooted...