Kaleida Health partners with Infor

Kaleida Health has selected Infor to assist in consolidating multiple organizations under one single enterprise and move its critical financial and supply chain applications to the cloud to create a more reliable, scalable technology platform.

Many successful mergers over the years has resulted in disparate technology platforms for the New York-based healthcare organization. Infor’s cloud solutions specifically for healthcare, which run on Amazon Web Services, will help Kaleida Health remove workflow silos, gain efficiencies across departments, and improve knowledge sharing organization-wide.

Infor will also provide Kaleida Health with the ability to integrate with its clinical systems and partners in a more intuitive, seamless and organized way.

Matt Breslin, Infor executive vice president, said: “Infor’s modern cloud-based solutions help leading healthcare organizations to manage vital resources, including people, supplies, and financials, to better align the clinical side to the business side. In such a complex industry, where the numbers of mergers and acquisitions continue to increase, it’s important that technology be leveraged to modernize and link operational systems to confidently empower business decisions from one source of truth.”

Tom Hull, CIO of Kaleida Health, said: “Our organization has grown significantly over the years, which brought with it multiple technology platforms, and we knew it would soon become costly and unreliable to maintain these platforms as supply chains become increasingly more complex and workforce needs become more sophisticated. We decided to partner with Infor to upgrade processes to the cloud to increase efficiency, provide more tools for employees and providers, and ultimately support our patients better.”