Kobelco selects IFS Cloud to construct business growth

Kobelco selects IFS Cloud to construct business growth

Kobelco Construction Machinery CO, LTD, the global leader in construction equipment, has selected IFS CloudTM to improve its ability to respond to customers.

The solution will introduce advanced digital transformation in the field and improve market responsiveness within its entire supply chain, from procurement to manufacturing , sales, and service management. This will be implemented for 8,000 users across Kobelco’s operations in 11 countries, starting in Japan.

The IFS suite of solutions will optimize all of Kobelco’s global operations in production, supply chain management, logistics, final assembly, service and sales. The implementation of IFS Cloud will be executed by IBM Japan, which will be the first time IFS has collaborated with IBM Japan in ERP.

Michael Ouissi, group chief operating officer at IFS, said: “Kobelco Construction Machinery is transforming to meet customer requirements through innovation, excellence, and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in demand. We are proud to partner with them on their digitalization journey. IFS will deliver the next-generation ERP capabilities and comprehensive solution set that Kobelco needs for end-to-end optimization in today’s rapidly changing markets where organizational agility and responsiveness are essential.”

Hiroyuki Hosomi, managing executive officer at Kobelco Construction Machinery, said: “IFS Solutions has a proven track record of supporting the core operations of global machinery manufacturers and has a high level of expertise that contributes to the realization of business transformation. We expect it to also have the ability to achieve a high level of responsiveness to expanding global customers.”