PwC UK launches AI tax assistant with Harvey and OpenAI

PwC building | PwC UK launches tax AI assistant with Harvey and OpenAI

PwC UK, together with alliance partners Harvey and OpenAI, has announced the launch of its UK tax-trained AI model. 

The tool made available to all 2,300 PwC UK tax professionals will play the role of an AI assistant generating tax content as part of the delivery of services to clients.

Built on a foundation of PwC UK’s tax expertise, with underlying technology developed by Harvey and OpenAI, it has combined tax and technology skills that promise an AI asset that turns knowledge into outcomes for users.

Laura Hinton, tax, legal and workforce leader of PwC UK, said: “Generative AI is transformative and presents unprecedented possibilities for both our people and our clients.

“Our approach will always be human-led, tech-powered and AI will complement our expertise, allowing our subject matter experts to deliver deeper, more robust and transparent insights to our clients.”

Tax professionals will use the AI assistant tool for cross-referencing as it has been trained on case law, legislation and other underlying sources, together with PwC UK’s IP, with the data regularly refreshed to reflect changes and updates to tax rules.

As a result, the model is said to generate higher quality and accuracy in the tax domain when compared to publicly available Large Language Models, allowing for transparent validation by tax professionals.

“By leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Harvey and OpenAI, we have created a unique AI asset that combines deep tax knowledge with natural language processing and generation capabilities,” Winston Weinberg, co-founder and president of Harvey, commented. “This is a prime example of how AI can augment human expertise and transform the way professional services are delivered.” 

Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer of OpenAI, said: “We’re seeing a surge in the practical application of AI being built on our platform. The innovative AI assistant built by PwC and Harvey is a prime example of AI’s power to supercharge the capabilities of knowledge workers and enhance the customer experience. 

This latest development is part of PwC’s wider strategy to lead the professional services market in the adoption of AI and technology and help users benefit from the changing environment they operate in.

The partnership was first announced in October last year, underpinned by PwC’s adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise for general use within PwC UK. In addition, the collaboration is set to involve HR/Workforce AI models expected to be rolled out in the coming months.