KPS delivers end-to-end process upgrades to retail group Coop Danmark

A close up of a shop sign, showing 'open' in a large font | Coop Danmark KPS

In cooperation with KPS, the Danish retail group Coop Danmark has successfully implemented and orchestrated a SAP S/4HANA migration of its end-to-end process landscape, ranging from procurement to supply chain, sales and finance.

For Coop Danmark, the new tech enables a data-driven approach regarding supplier negotiations, faster time to market with items and a higher shelf availability across 1000 stores.

The transformation is part of the Coop One Program, the company’s initiative to facilitate a wide-reaching transformation of its business. With the final milestone of transferring the finance and accounting system to the new SAP environment, the retailer now runs a completely S/4HANA-based IT infrastructure that provides end-to-end transparency across the company’s value chain.

Coop’s SAP S/4HANA fresh start

The Coop SAP S/4HANA transformation followed a greenfield approach in close cooperation with KPS experts, to improve end-to-end processes and integrate them into Coop’s customer journey. KPS used this approach because it offered optimization and standardization options.

Company-wide reskilling was necessary, and every team needed to become familiar with the new processes. Structured walk-throughs were used by KPS as a means of showcasing the new process features to many of Coop Danmark’s key users, offering a first-hand view of the new tech while also preparing them for the imminent changes.

The top-to-bottom KPS upgrade started in 2018, with the majority of processes now in a standardized state ready for integration with SAP systems. In September 2023, KPS transferred the remaining finance and accounting systems over to the new systems, resulting in faster time-to-market for IT innovations.

Casper Hovard, managing partner at KPS, said: “We have digitized Coop’s value chain from an end-to-end perspective, with all the benefits that come with this approach. All the modules that are required, such as SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR), SAP Extended Warehouse (EWM) as well as our integrated KPS solutions are working hand-in-hand to make the whole delivery process more effective, transparent and cost-efficient.”