Kyndryl adopts gen AI for businesses with Microsoft collaboration

image of orange abstract brain with white and orange background | Kyndryl and Microsoft

Kyndryl has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to enable the adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for businesses on the Microsoft Cloud.

Leveraging the partnership’s Joint Innovation Centers, Kyndryl’s growing patent portfolio in data and AI and its access to Microsoft 365 Copilot, Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Fabric, both companies will design, develop and drive new generative AI innovations and solutions across enterprises. In addition to this, Kyndryl is also committing to utilize the Kyndryl University for Microsoft to educate thousands of Kyndryl employees on new Microsoft AI technologies.

The strategic partnership with Microsoft was Kyndryl’s first global strategic alliance upon becoming an independent public company. Together, the companies will continue to unlock new areas of innovation that drive better business outcomes for customers and tap into incremental multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunities in fast-growing areas such as data modernization, governance and AI.

Additionally, Kyndryl is also launching an AI-readiness program within Kyndryl Consult, dedicated to exploring the adoption of generative AI solutions. Kyndryl experts will help new and existing customers build a trusted data foundation and navigate the complexity of using new generative AI technologies.

The benefits of the AI program include: collaborative innovation, allowing customers to tap into Kyndryl Vital and the Microsoft and Kyndryl innovation centers; enhanced customer and employee experience; and execution and management assistance.

Stephen Leonard, global alliances and partnerships leader, Kyndryl said: “Kyndryl is creating a trusted environment for organizations to explore the benefits and value it can bring to organizations as they look to drive efficiencies, grow and deliver greater business outcomes.

“With over three decades of experience in delivering data services, advanced security capabilities and managing complex IT environments, we are well-positioned to work alongside Microsoft to help organizations confidently apply generative AI at scale and positively impact their businesses while being mindful of known risks.”

Stephen Boyle, GM global partner solutions, Microsoft, said: “Together with Kyndryl, we have a shared vision to responsibly enable our customers to jointly explore, design and deploy generative AI solutions across their enterprises, and to do it in a way that enables them to realize business value.

“As a leader in the delivery of generative AI and data platforms, we believe partners such as Kyndryl are critical to the successful use of emerging technologies for business.”