Lemongrass lets you move SAP environments with ‘near-zero’ downtime

Lemongrass cloud symbol on a digitized blue background.

Lemongrass, a software-enabled services provider specializing in SAP on cloud solutions, has unveiled its new offering, Lemongrass Cloud Platform (LCP) Migrate, designed to help companies move SAP environments of any size to the cloud with little to zero downtime.

LCP is a governance, management and automation solution that optimizes SAP operations and related workloads on hyperscale clouds. Notably, more than 750,000 users currently benefit from SAP systems across leading global cloud platforms managed by LCP.

The newly-patent-pending LCP Migrate is the culmination of years of Lemongrass solutions, enhancing and optimizing the SAP standard migration process for large databases to the cloud, boasting near-zero technical downtime.

Combining software and services, LCP Migrate empowers companies to seamlessly transfer double-digit or triple-digit terabyte SAP databases to major cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure with guaranteed limited downtime.

Working closely with their customers, Lemongrass oversees cost governance, error mitigation, trend analysis and progress reporting throughout the cloud migration process.

Part of Lemongrass’s premium service offerings, LCP Migrate joins the company’s patent-pending MDO™ (Minimum Downtime Operations) service, which effectively reduces downtime associated with operating SAP systems in the cloud. By implementing MDO in SAP environments, users can significantly cut planned downtime and associated costs, while enhancing the security posture, performance and agility of mission-critical workloads.

Kausik Chaudhuri, CIO, Lemongrass, tells ERP Today: “LCP Migrate has been a product that has been combined with our services for a while now, about four years. If you look at what the new product does, it’s focused on very large customers with very large SAP systems. There have been tools available to migrate them, but even with these tools it takes a very long time. We’re talking about weeks to migrate this data.

“Obviously it’s impossible for any business to be out with their critical systems like SAP for weeks while moving to cloud. So, large customers have been postponing the migration to move to cloud because the data is so large.

“This tool is designed to help those large customers with large volumes of data, while we utilize the standard SAP tools behind the scene. To keep the SAP certification intact, we wrap it up to make it a lot faster than what these standard SAP tools would be able to do. We are able to migrate in much less time now; it could go anywhere from four to eight hours.”

Mike Rosenbloom, CEO, Lemongrass, adds: “SAP downtime often results in significant costs due to lost production, increased labor and potentially even missed sales orders.

“With LCP Migrate, we’ve observed technical downtimes in migrations reduced by up to 98 percent, all within a guaranteed downtime window. Companies dealing with 150TB of data that could potentially take weeks to migrate to a cloud platform can now complete the process in just hours, with reduced costs.”