Mendix and Snowflake to drive low-code data value for enterprises

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Mendix has partnered with Snowflake to enable enterprises to drive maximum value from their data through low-code application development.

By combining Snowflake’s Data Cloud and Mendix’s enterprise low-code application development platform, customers will gain new opportunities to unlock the value of data for their digital transformation initiatives, particularly those involving AI.

Companies’ joint customers will benefit from a seamless end-to-end developer journey, including secure supported integration between Snowflake’s and Mendix’s technology stacks and improved data exchange between the organizations.

Additionally, data from Snowflake’s platform will be available as ready-to-use that can be combined with other reusable components packaged with Mendix or found on the Mendix marketplace.

The announcement also promises improved mobile application capabilities to create apps for mobile devices using data, analytics, cybersecurity and governance at all levels.

“The partnership between Mendix and Snowflake will help enterprises bring together two of their greatest assets: data and people who know how to use it”, said Jethro Borsje, chief ecosystems officer at Mendix.

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud accumulates infinite gems of data-driven insights. With low-code, we’re excited to be giving a diverse range of people across enterprises capabilities to access this wealth of actionable data and use it in applications that drive value.”

Robert Jones, executive vice president of global sales and customer success at Siemens Digital Industries Software, commented: “Everyone recognizes the potential of AI. But to get the value out of that technology, you need to leverage your data intelligently by integrating data and AI services into your software”.

He added: “The new partnership between Mendix and Snowflake helps our customers tap into their data’s full potential by building AI-augmented applications.”

Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances at Snowflake, also commented: “At Snowflake, we are building the future with data, AI and apps. The new partnership with Mendix underpins this commitment to our customers.

“Together, we’re helping to bridge the gaps between data, business and IT and giving thousands of enterprises across the globe new capabilities to turn data into growth outcomes.”