Microsoft’s new Security Copilot shields SAP systems with AI


Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Security Copilot, an AI-driven security solution, to revolutionize how SAP users defend themselves against highly advanced and ever-increasing cyber threats. Copilot, in conjunction with a vast reservoir of daily signals and global threat intelligence, arms security teams with necessary insights and monitoring capabilities by utilizing the power of AI.

Integrating Copilot with SAP-connected systems enables automatic detection and prevention of financial fraud techniques. The platform combines Sentinel, Defender XDR and Copilot to streamline incident management for a holistic view of threats across an organization’s digital assets.

The unified security operations platform catches cyber threats at machine speed and protects organizations by automatically disrupting advanced attacks. This capability will be extended to act on third-party signals like SAP signals and alerts.

For example, SIEM customers who have SAP connected attack disruption will automatically detect financial fraud techniques and disable the native SAP and connected Microsoft Entra account to prevent the cyberattacks from transferring funds with no SOC intervention.

The reach of Copilot extends beyond cybersecurity teams, empowering various roles across the Microsoft Security portfolio, from data protection in AI applications to fortifying device management and enhancing multi-cloud security.

Charlie Bell, executive vice president of Microsoft Security, presented the keynote The Future of Security with AI at Microsoft Ignite on November 16, 2023, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in shaping a safer digital world.

Bell said: “Microsoft has been all in on AI for a very long time and is the leader of bringing GenAI to organizations worldwide.”

‘With GenAI we can take a giant step forward. One so large it will finally tip the scales in the favor of defenders.”